Watch: Woman Pops 20 Year-Old Zit!

This forehead is covered with whiteheads. They definitely need to be using antibacterial wash, astringent and a chemical exfoliant everyday to help dry up and prevent new whiteheads from popping up.

This is a nice large whitehead on the nose. This is will be a pretty painful one to extract and will probably bleed a lot. Most likely this is more than just one pore that has been infected. Tea tree oil is an excellent natural antiseptic to use after extracting both black and whiteheads.

Before you or your professional jumps in and starts extracting your blemishes, make sure you have had some steam on your pores for at least 6-12 minutes. This softens the pores and allows the bacteria to come out easier and less painful. This also makes the pores more elastic so that when they appear larger with the bacteria in them, after extraction takes place, the pore can shrink back down to regular or smaller size.

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